What's New

MULTITHREADED PASSWORD CRACKER A tool written in Python to brute force hashed passwords. Supports MD5, MD4, LM, NTLM, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 hashes. This tool is mostly done but still needs some small improvements/changes. See the status of the project and try it out. Be sure to check o ut the README for some interesting details.

HARDENING LINUX I wrote a new article on how you can harden your Linux system and why you should. I have more things I want to add to it so look for more updates in the near future! Harden your system.

BINARY SEARCH TREESUPDATE A binary search tree implementation in six different languages and covers the performance differences between them. C# has just been added. Check it out.

In Development

VIPER The UI has been completely rewritten as well as the architecture of the server/sockets. The server is even more efficient now with handling many connections due to optimizations I've made to the socket handling piece of the codebase. The focus now will be on displaying all the data that is gathered and sent to the dashboard in the most efficient, user-friendly way. There's still lots of work needed on the real time charting/graphing, data analysis and correlation, and UI performance.

SHARP PROFILER A tool for system monitoring and reporting. Real-time CPU usage, memory usage, and disk usage. Intricate information about your OS, CPU, memory, disks, BIOS, chipset, and more. The initial version of the CPU section is now done and work has begun on the memory section. This tool is under heavy development and still needs a lot of work. Interested in helping with the development?

Development Activity