What's New

BINARY SEARCH TREES I've written a new article that shows a binary search tree implementation in five different languages and covers the performance differences between them. Check it out.

THIS SITEUPDATE I've rewritten and redesigned the front end of this site to make it more accessible and mobile-friendly. The overall structure and layout is much cleaner and should be a bit less heavy on browser's rendering engines. You probably won't notice but I've rewritten and restructured the back end in a new language as well. These changes are long overdue as I initially created this site in 2009 without much structure or planning.

PORT AUTHORITY I've finished development on the initial release of Port Authority, my Android port scanner. In addition to scanning for hosts on the network and their open ports, Port Authority will also display a bunch of useful information about your device such its MAC address, internal and external IP, wireless signal strength, the SSID and BSSID it's connected to, and more. You will also be able to view the MAC address, hostname, and IP of hosts found on the network after a discovery scan has been performed.

Port Authority is very fast. Host discovery is typically performed in under 5 seconds and it takes about 10 seconds to scan a little over 1000 ports! Check it out!

If you find the application useful and appreciate the time and effort I put into it consider purchasing the donate version. It's the exact same as the free version!

PASSWORD ENDURANCEUPDATE I've updated the tool to take modern hardware and more modern tactics into account. I've also cleaned up the layout a bit so that now it's easier to compare all of the scenarios at once. Have a look!

In Development

PORT AUTHORITY For the 1.6 release I'm going to be implementing NetBIOS/WINS resolution which should cover the case where a user doesn't have any DNS entries for their network. This should improve the hostname resolution accuracy for everyone. I'll also be implementing a navigation drawer that can be swiped out from the left which will contain sections for new features such as scanning an external host. The sorting of the open ports found on a host will also be improved (natural sorting).

MULTITHREADED PASSWORD CRACKER A tool written in Python to brute force hashed passwords. Supports MD5, MD4, LM, NTLM, SHA1, SHA224, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512 hashes. This tool is under development and you can see the status of the project here.

SHARP PROFILER A tool for system monitoring and reporting. Real-time CPU usage, memory usage, and disk usage. Intricate information about your OS, CPU, memory, disks, BIOS, chipset, and more. The initial version of the CPU section is now done and work has begun on the memory section. Interested in helping with the development of Sharp Profiler?

MULTILIB Library supporting various languages that aims to provide many useful methods and to make working in different environments easier. Currently supports C#, C++, Java, PHP, and Python. As always, I welcome any contributions or suggestions.

REAL TIME ANALYTICS I'm working on a real time tracking application using Node.js and Socket.IO called Viper. Basic visitor count and page tracking is now complete and I've just finished implementing browser type tracking. Screen resolutions and operating systems are also tracked. Next on the list is better charting/graphing, a better UI for the dashboard, and geolocation tracking. Currently, I'm rewriting the front end to be much more modular and user friendly (and pretty).

Development Activity